Hi! I'm Sierra, a serious horse lover & rider.

You may think I started horseback riding from the minute I could walk. That I loved horses since the day I was born. That the first word I said was equine. Well that's not completely true. 

When I was younger I had no interest in horses. I mean, I didn't dislike them I just wasn't driven to them. I took lessons every now and then but most of them were with girl scouts and I wasn't eager to get on the horse during them. 

I was never scared around horses though. I was careful around their butts but if you told me to go up and stroke their head that I would do. I had no fear from horses, I just wasn't interested in learning about them and I definitely did not want to ride. All that changed Summer 2020. 

After my ice skating rink shut down I was left upset and bored. I couldn't imagine spending summer at home. Being on the computer all day didn't sound pleasant to me. So I asked my mom to sign me up for horseback riding. 

My lesson went really well. I enjoyed it a lot and was eager to go back next week. I was even happier when my mom took me to a store to buy a pair of breeches. 

I've been riding ever since. I still ice skate but its pretty obvious which one I favor (hint hint: horseback riding:). The joy horseback riding brings me simply cant be explained. Its like all my worries and stress from, and all I focus on is nailing the canter and being with a horse I love. Its no secret horseback riding is seriously calming. 


Here are some questions I am commonly asked.


Q: What style of riding do you ride?

A: As of right now I am riding Hunt seat. In a few years I will eventually move on to jumping, but right now I am doing Hunt seat. 

Q: Do you have a horse?

A: No, I don't have my own horse. Hopefully we can either lease or buy in a year. 

Q: Do you want to show?

A: It depends. If I buy a really sweet and loving horse that isn't good in the show environment I wont show. If I buy a horse that works well in shows then I might do a couple every now and then. I don't plan on showing a ton, maybe just one or two shows a year. 

Q: What horse breed do you ride?

A: The barn I go to specializes in Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Saddle seat. Therefore we don't have many thoroughbreds. I mostly ride Arabians and half Arabians because they are good for the styles my stable teaches. 

I look forward to posting in this blog, and I am excited to share my riding journey with you! I find that the equestrian world is amazing, but even more splendid with equestrian friends. Feel free to message me, or ask to write a guest post for my blog. I hope you enjoy this horse lovers website as I know I do!

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