Oct 8, 2020

7 day Workout challenge

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Everyone who has completed at least one step will get a badge when the challenge ends.


Being a horseback rider, working out is essential for success. You need to have the proper strength and you need to be in shape. If you eat right and workout everyday you will be ensured success. At first some will be tricky, especially at the beginning but slowly you will find it becoming easier and easier. If you are a minor some things like weights or pull ups might not be necessary for you so instead feel to take a break or work on flexibility. Remember to make sure you are using safe equipment and if you are a minor to have someone with you during some hard exercises. If you ever feel queasy or nauseous stop and have a sip of water. Make sure to stay hydrated during the workout. Use the chat box and contact me when you finish so I can give out a badge!!

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sierra barckholtz
sierra barckholtz


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