15 post ideas for equestrian bloggers

Sometimes it can be hard being an equestrian blogger. I'm always on the look out for blog post ideas, and some posts take a long time. I know bloggers that went from posting once a week to posting once a month because they cant come up with post ideas. I am here to help. Here is a list of blog post ideas for any equestrian blogger out there that needs some inspiration.

  1. Write about your first time falling off/ how to dismount properly from a bucking horse

  2. Write about common things that frighten horses and how to handle them safely

  3. Write about your show routine ex: how you groom your horse and get ready

  4. Write about equestrian DIYs

  5. Write about Horse shoes and how they are made, and how they are put onto the hoof

  6. Write about your favorite horse brands/ equestrian clothes

  7. Pick a horse breed and write all the information you know about it

  8. Write about your favorite horse books/movies

  9. Write about how you warm up your horse in the arena

  10. Write about some common equine sicknesses and how to cure them

  11. Write about your favorite equestrians either on social media or at shows

  12. Write about how to clean your tack

  13. Write about your experience trying new horses

  14. Write about how to clip your horse

  15. Write about your process in buying your horse

  16. If you don't have a horse and cant do #15, write about how to catch a runaway horse & what to do

I hope these post ideas come in handy for you! I plan to do these posts in the future, as I think they are great topics. I suggest writing all your post ideas down on paper so you don't forget, and when the time comes you can use one. There are so many post ideas and while some take longer than others, its always fun having an equestrian blog. xx The Desert Rider

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