5 cheap equestrian online stores!

Its no lie that equestrian products such as breeches, boots, and bridles can be extremely expensive. I love finding horse stores that have affordable prices and good quality products. Nobody wants a broken bridle so its always nice knowing that the store I am shopping at will give me the item I've paid for.

  1. Chicks Discount Saddlery This is by far one of my favorite online stores to shop at. They are so cheap and have great products. When I did my "horse rescue haul" back in September I got buckets, halters, fly masks, lead ropes, and much more for such a cheap price! They were all great quality too.

2. Stateline Tack

If you are looking for barn equipment or apparel make sure to check out Stateline tack. They are super cheap and great quality. I bought my helmet bag from Stateline tack and its absolutely gorgeous. Its also very spacious and I can fit my helmet, gloves, breech connecters, snacks, and a water bottle in it when I go to the barn.

3. Breeches.com Breeches.com is a great store for CHEAP breeches. The breeches are amazing quality and at a price mostly anyone could afford. They have stunning brands like Equine Couture, Tuffrider, and Horze. I definitely recommend this store.

4. SmartPak Equine If you want some new polos, saddle pads, or great horse tack I highly encourage you to check out SmartPak Equine! They have really cute tack in many different colors and sizes.

5. Dover Saddlery

Every equestrian knows Dover Saddlery to be one of the best quality equestrian stores. Its not uncommon to see "Dover Hauls" all over the internet. One of the things I like most about Dover is how reliable the brand is. You don't have to worry about being scammed or ending up with un-usable tack.

I hope these references help you find a great store to buy horsey products from! I love all these shops as they have great quality products for cheap. If you have any other store recommendations comment below! xx The Desert Rider

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