5 Cutest Halloween equine finds!

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect for riding and the air always smells so good! Another thing to look forward to is Halloween! Here are some of my favorite equestrian finds for Halloween. Boo!

1. Halloween halter

Don't even get me started on this adorable halter! Its so cute and would look adorable on your equine. These come in lots of sizes and a couple different colors! This halter will be sure to add some Halloween to your horsey.

2. Halloween saddle pad

This saddle pad is so cute! I love the colors and the fun

funky theme. This saddle pad is the cutest way to bring some boo! with you during your ride. And not to mention it will leave all your equestrian friends craving!

3. Halloween polos!

Polos are known for tying tack together. So why not buy these Halloween polos?! These are adorable and will really tie all of the Halloween colors together. They come in lots of different patterns including cats, pumpkins, spiders etc. Plus they are super soft so your horse can ride comfortably.

4. Halloween fly hood

Even though its cooling down the fly's are still at it, annoying your equine. Instead of buying a regular fly hood (or bonnet) why not buy this stylish Halloween one! Not only is this super cute, it does its job by keeping the fly's out of your horse's ears so your horse doesn't get distracted during a lesson.

5. Pumpkin donut horse treats!

Yum! These horse treats look soo good, I wish they had them for people! On Halloween you get lots of treats but what about your equine? They want dessert too! These delicious treats will be sure to bring a smile to your horse.

I hope you consider buying these special gifts for your horse. Halloween is such a fun time of year for you and your equine! If you decide to dress up comment what you and your horse will be! xx The Desert Rider

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