5 equestrian books you should be reading

I love reading horse books, there is nothing better than the story of a rider and her horse. It can be tricky finding horse books, and I am here to help. Here are my favorite horse books you should be reading!

  1. Canterwood crest series The Canterwood crest book series is one of my favorites. Its about a rider named Sasha as she goes through living life in her new boarding school, Canterwood Crest. She becomes enemies with a spoiled, rude, rider named Heather and they both fight for their spot on the advanced team. Between mean pranks and dramatic friendships Sasha has a lot on her hands.

  2. The Stonegate series The Stonegate series is a very entertaining book for equestrians. Book one features an anorexic girl named Grace. She deals with her anorexia along with mean friends and more. Book two features Mavis, Grace's former enemy. Mavis's dad looses his job and they have to sell Ava, her horse. But Mavis isn't even sad! She is happy to quit riding until she meets Lucas, a cute spunky former trail riding horse. Mavis goes through friendship, drama, and common problems a high schooler would face. Boo 3 features Ellie. Ellie had severe, scarring Acne that has haunted her since. She faces life at a new school, party planning for a wedding for her sister, and more drama.

  3. The Island Series The Island series is a sweet book from the same author as the Stonegate series. After loosing her horse Meg wants to get away from it all so she goes to visit relatives on an island. She meets a boy who knows a horse that needs a home, so she takes in the Appaloosa and starts to train it. As of right now there are 3 books in the series. This is a great series for kids who like drama, a bit or romance, and fresh starts.

  4. Horse Rescue : An inspirational horse show Adventure story for horse crazy girls (1) After the horse Shelby Davis plans to ride for a horse show injures her leg, Shelby must find a new horse to ride. She goes to a local horse rescue and helps the owner by riding some of her horses. Shelby learns to love the rescue and helps out nearly every day. From taking pictures of the horses to grooming, the rescue is definitely where Shelby wants to be. This is a great inspirational story for riders going through hard times, or horse lovers that want to read a great horse book.

  5. Horse Care books If you want to step up your horse knowledge the best way to do that is read some good ol' horse care books. You actually learn more horse care in a book than watching a YouTube video or looking at an online presentation. I find its easier to memorize my horse care by reading it on a page. Some of my favorite horse care books are Horse 101: Everything you wish you had known before you got your first horse by April Love | For horse crazy girls only : Everything you want to know about horses by Christina Wilsdon | and Horse Life : The ultimate guide for caring and riding horses for kids by Robyn Smith.

I love reading all these books and I hope this post encourages you to! These are only a few handpicked books that are my favorite, however there are so many out there. Comment your favorite horsey books!

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