5 tips for two pointing

People always say horseback riding is easy. That the horse does all the work. That all we do is sit on a horse while it runs (which, btw, horses don't run they gallop 😏). Well 2-point is a literal reason why horseback riding isn't a walk in the park.

We all dread 2-pointing for 2 reasons. 1, it makes your leg muscles burn & its hard to hold after a while. And 2, it can be tricky controlling your horse while 2-pointing at the same time. Here are some tips for 2-pointing that help me a lot.

  1. Use your knees I find that squeezing my knees into the knee rolls of the saddle can be really effective when 2-pointing. Not only does it help me balance, but it doesn't confuse my horse by asking to go faster. When you squeeze with your knees, your legs will naturally come off the horses side so you wont be putting pressure on their stomach, and you wont accidently ask them to pick up the pace.

  2. Keep your heels down This one is really important to having a good 2 point. If you keep your heels down at all times it will make the exercise a lot easier. If your heels arent down you'll be wobbly, unstable, and wont be able to hold 2 point the whole way around.

  3. Make sure your shoulders are straight and level By keeping your shoulders straight and level not only do you have better balance in your torso but you also have better balance in your legs. Your shoulders will keep the rest of your body in-line with the horse and it will make 2-pointing a lot easier.

  4. Keep your inside rein as a barrier If you feel like you loose control when two pointing its probably because your not using the reins properly. A little tip is to keep the inside rein as a barrier. It will keep your horse from leaning the inside of the circle and will help you navigate the arena.

  5. Eyes up I've seen a lot of riders do this, myself as well. A common habit in 2-point is to look down at the withers. Some riders think that this will help you balance, but it wont. Make sure your eyes are up and your not glancing down at your legs, or any part of the body underneath your head. Focus on steering the horse. This also will help you make sure that your horse's head is collected.

For me these tips are really effective in 2-pointing. 2-point takes time to master so you should start at a walk and go from there. I hope this post has helped you, and if you have any tips to share comment below! xx The Desert Rider

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