5 ways to earn money as an equestrian

If I could change one thing about horseback riding it would have to be the expenses. There is so much money involved in the sport that it doesnt allow some people to ride. It doesnt allow some people to buy a horse, it doesnt allow extra lessons, and doesnt allow some people to show. In fact horseback riding is so expensive it can put you in debt and force you to give up your horse. However we cannot change the expenses so we have to work hard to reach our dreams. Here is 5 ways to earn money as an equestrian.

  1. Work at your barn If you are an experienced rider, working at your barn is a great idea. Offer to help with new riders or muck out stalls. You can feed hay, clean hallways, clean tack, help grooming and tacking up, ad so much more. Some barns provide a discount on boarding in exchange for stable work. You may also be able to have free lessons if you work at your barn.

  2. Clean tack Cleaning tack makes a good profit. Offer to clean tack at shows, or before shows when needed. Stay after lessons to clean tack and help out on the weekends. Cleaning tack is a very good way to make money if your in need of it.

  3. Be a groom Being a groom is an awesome way to hang out with horses while making some mula. If you groom during shows you get a good amount of money. Also, offer to groom before lessons, or to teach beginners how to groom. Ask if you can stay after riding to groom the horses in exchange for discounts on lessons. You can also clean the grooming brushes to make even more dough.

  4. Sell your old equipment If you have tack that you don't want anymore or boots that don't fit, try selling them on Ebay or poshmark. You can also try selling your tack at your barn, this way riders can see the tack in person and determine if it will fit their horse properly. Discuss payments with them so that you a good amount of money to buy new tack, but don't leave them moneyless. Before you sell your tack make sure to clean it well. If your tack isn't usable I wouldn't recommend selling it.

  5. Lunge horses Lunging horses before shows or lessons can make a good money. Lots of people don't have time or don't want to lunge their horse at shows, so offer to lunge them in exchange for some cash. Ask the barn owner if you can lunge the horses before lessons so you can make money, and it gives them more time for riding.

I hope these 5 tips help you make money to pay off your lessons. I know how hard it can be to keep up with all the expenses of riding, and it can be very frustrating. Don't get discouraged if you cant afford to do something you want to do. Someday you will make it happen. If you have any ideas feel free to comment them. xx The Desert Rider

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