5 ways to save money during your time as an equestrian

Lets face it. If your reading this blog post then you must ride. And if you ride then you must love the sport. But why did you have to pick such an expensive one? During my short time as a rider I am learning so much stuff about horses which is why I love the sport so much! But money is a big part in being an equestrian and being a rider can get pretty expensive. Not to mention that big dream of owning my own horse... Here are 5 tips to make riding less pricey so you can focus on your equine instead of your expenses.

1. DIY it

One of the things that makes this sport so pricey is the weekly expenses like fly spray, feed, treats, etc. These items can get up to $100 or more and can rip a big chunk of money out of your bank account. Instead of buying fancy products you can make your own! Of course, feed isn't able to be recreated but instead of fancy treats you can use apples and carrots and you can make your own fly spray.

2. Muck out your own stall

Instead of paying someone to muck out your stall or feed your horses do it yourself. Sure, it may take more time and effort but at the end of the day we are trying to save money.

3. Work at your stable

If you want to earn some extra cash or get discounts for boarding then you can volunteer at your stable. This is a great way to save some money and be able to be around the equines.

4. Sell your old equipment

Selling your old equipment can bring you some serious cash, especially if they are in good condition. eBay or poshmark are great places to sell. That way you can have some extra $$$ to buy new tack.

5. Don't buy for the fun of it

This has to be one of the biggest problems in the equestrian world. Everyone loves sales and buying stuff even though they don't need it. If you already have a good saddle you don't need to buy another just because it is on sale. And talk about all those saddle pads you have! Do you really need a saddle pad in every color? This can be challenging but remember, if you want to save money you have to sacrifice some things no matter how good the deal is.

Hopefully these tips help you save some money. The equestrian world is an expensive one and it is easy to go broke. These are very simple ways to save money that don't cost anything but a little extra elbow grease. And who doesn't love saving money?

xx The Desert Rider

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