6 gift ideas to get an equestrian this winter!

Shopping for equestrians is hard. But what's even harder is seeing the look on their face when they receive their present and its something they already have. You know, they will throw around the old "Yay I'm so happy I have two now!" but you know they are just saying that so they don't hurt your feelings. Here is the ultimate gift guide you can use so you get the equestrian in your life the perfect gift.

  1. Work boots/muck boots Riders are constantly mucking out, getting dirt in their shoes, and being covered in filth. And as a rider myself I know how uncomfortable it can be to walk around in dirt filled shoes! Since when I go to the horse rescue I don't actually ride, there is no need to wear riding boots. So I wear sneakers. Which get filthy. A great gift option would to get your equestrian friend a pair of mucking out boots or work boots so they can do horse care comfortably! They will thank you and come home with a smile on their face.

  2. Riding gloves Riding gloves come in handy especially during the winter. Many riders don't use gloves in the spring or summer and only use them in winter because it can get very cold up on a horse. Riding gloves are a perfect gift choice for a friend, and I'm sure they will love it.

  3. Personalized saddle bag Personalized saddle bags work great on trail rides, and Etsy has such cute ones! When you go trail riding you typically use a saddle bag to carry your phone or water, and the personalized saddle bags are to die for. You can personalize them with the riders name so it will look extra adorable. They come in many different sizes, and colors, and are literally the cutest stocking stuffer for an equestrian.

  4. Grooming kit Every rider wants their own grooming kit these days, whether or not they have their own horse. Grooming kits are very stylish and its nice having your own so you don't have to use the dirty stable ones. You can pick the size of your grooming kit, and color, so your equestrian friend will have her own brushes. Amazon has adorable grooming kits for cheap. Plus if you want to spend the extra money you can personalize the grooming kit with the riders name!

  5. Riding water bottle Its always important to have a water close when riding because you can dehydrate quickly. Etsy makes such cute personalized water bottles for horse riders with adorable patterns and fonts. Your equestrian will love a nice, cute, fancy water bottle for riding. Water bottles are adorable gifts to give.

  6. Friendship halter and bracelet I recently saw these online and they are soo cute! If you don't know what it is, basically its a halter for a horse that comes with a matching bracelet for the girl. The bracelet is made out of the same material as the halter and has a buckle that matches the buckles on the halter. Both the halter and bracelet are amazing quality and look so stylish. These friendship halter & bracelet sets are such a thoughtful gift for a horse lover. Especially if she doesn't have her own horse, this will make her feel connected to that special horse in her life. You can pick the color of the halter which is very nice. I've included the link to these halters so you know where to buy them!

It can be very tough shopping for a horse rider but I know whatever you get them they will love it. These are just a few of my suggestions but there are lots more out there. I hope this post is helpful to you, and I hope you have a happy holiday! xx The Desert Rider

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