8 Cute and easy ways to Horse-ify your bedroom!

These cute and easy room decor can turn your bedroom from basic to equestrian. I love all these adorable room decor that can make any space horsey. Decoration can be so easy and fun. Enjoy!

1. Put pop-out horse stickers on a bulletin board Putting horse stickers on a bulletin board is a great way to horse-ify your bedroom. I have a bunch on my board and they look adorable. The bigger the stickers the better.

2. Buy a horse picture and put it on a wall

Its amazing how one horse picture can change your room from boring to horsey. Horse canvases look so cute on anywall color and they are so nice to look at.

3. Have a horse calendar on display

Who said calendars cant be for show? Using horse calendars are such a cool way to display horse photos, and count down the days till your next show. These calendars can be found anywhere and will be sure to make your room more horse-like.

4. Use a horse throw pillow/blanket

Using a horse throw pillow or blanket is a great way to spice up your bed. You can move the blanket/throw pillow all around your bedroom to bring the equestrian effect anywhere.

5. Display a horse stuffed animal on your bed

This is one of the cutest ideas to transform your room. Just by having a horse stuffed animal on your bed guests will know you are an equestrian. The bigger the stuffed animal, the better.

6. Display your ribbons and trophies

There is nothing like ribbons and trophies to say your an equestrian. You can make a ribbon wall and have trophies on your shelf to display all your victories.

7. Have a stack of horse books on a nightstand

Like calendars, books can be decor too! Stack up your favorite horse books and place them randomly on a nightstand. Guests will know you are a horse lover from all of your late night equestrian book reading.

8. Stick horseshoes on your wall

Horseshoes make great wall decor. You can display them in patterns and make them look cute for your room. They can also be used to hang over stuff such as picture frames.

I hope you enjoy these 8 room decor ideas! These are amazing ways to make your bedroom more equestrian for such a cheap price. xx The desert Rider

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