Cute diy horse pumpkin!

What's better than adding a little horsey to Halloween? Nothing! I recently made this cute dapple gray horse on a pumpkin and you can too! Here is how I made mine.


Pumpkin (preferably white) Black paint

White paint (If you have a orange pumpkin)


Printable Horse stencil

Fine point sharpie

Step 1.

If you have an orange pumpkin or any other color other than white you are going to want to paint your pumpkin. We are going for a dapple gray horse so if the pumpkin is white it just makes it easier to paint. I recommend a fake pumpkin as real ones can have dents and nicks than can make it difficult to paint.

Step 2.

Print out a horse and tape it to your pumpkin. I recommend a simple horse with not too many tiny curves as this can make it difficult to paint. I used a simple horse standing with not to many curves or tiny edges. After you cut it out use small bits of tape and 3 or 4 bits around the body, making sure to tape down any pieces that come up. When you finish use a sharpie to trace around the body. The take off the printable and retrace any spots where the tape was.

Step 3.

Use a paint brush to make dots on the horses body. Put more dots of the back of the horse (like a dapple grey would have) and less on the neck and stomach. Paint the tail black and the main black. Let dry.

I hope you try out this cute pumpkin! I had so much fun designing it and it was so easy. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! And make sure to check out the video under vidoes! Happy Halloween! xx The Desert Rider

Here is the printable I printed out. Then I stuck it onto the pumpkin and traced it.

Here is how it turned out. I think it came out pretty good, what do you think?

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