Cute Winter apparel

Winter is coming which means cold weather! I like to be cozy in the saddle so staying warm is necessary. In order to stay warm I have to wear warm breeches and fuzzy jackets. Here are some of my favorite finds to make winter more comfy.

1. Winter Warm breeches from Kerrits

If you don't know Kerrits has a new collection of breeches that are winter warm! In the summer time they have Ice Fil breeches that keep you cool and now they have soft fuzzy breeches that keep you warm! I asked for a pair of these since my birthday is coming up and I cant wait to wear them when they come in. These breeches will keep me warm even in the coldest of days.

2. Base layers

Base layers are so comfy and help me stay warm. Base layers are great to wear during the winter if you don't feel like wearing a puffy jacket. I recommend getting one base layer for the winter.

3. Hadley Riding Jacket by SmartPak

This jacket is perfect for winter. It has great reviews and is a good price. I would definitely put this on your holiday wish list. This jacket will keep you warm and cozy so you can ride in pleasure without freezing to death.

4. Girls Riding Sport Jacket by Dover

This jacket is so cute! I love how it looks and it keeps you very warm. I put this on my birthday wish list and I cant wait. It has a clip on clip off hood so you can use it when you like. It is quilted and soft and perfect for snowy days.

5. Nordic Horse Wool Socks by Kerrits

My feet are constantly getting cold nowadays so it is so important to buy these socks! These socks and made of wool and will make your feet feel like your in heaven. They aren't bulky so you don't have to worry about them bulking out of your boots. I would buy at least one pair of these for the winter.

6. Work boots

It is important to have a pair of work boots for the winter. It gets really muddy, soggy, and wet and you don't want to ruin the leather of your riding boots so a pair of work boots/rain boots is essential. They don't have to be fancy or expensive but just by having one pair would be great.

7. Riding gloves

Riding gloves are so amazing to have during the winter. I know some riders wear gloves all year long, and even if you don't, you should still wear them during the winter. If your hands freeze up during a lesson your hands will be very soft and wont be able to hold the reins tightly. If will make riding harder so its important to buy a pair of riding gloves for the winter.

I hope these cute finds help you adjust to the winter. My favorite stores to by these at are Dover Saddlery, Kerrits, LeMieux, Ariat, TuffRider, and SmartPak. It is now cozy and warm season so changing your apparel can not only keep you comfy during a cold day, it can also boost your confidence! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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