D.I.Y horse lovers drawstring bag!

The holidays are near which is the perfect time for gift giving. If your an equestrian or are friends with an equestrian you know how hard, and expensive, gift shopping is! So why not make this cute but affordable drawstring bag as a stocking stuffer?


1. Plain drawstring bag (preferably beige)

2. Horse stickers

3. Iron-on-transfer black letters

4. Bandana, color of your choice

5. Hot glue gun

6. Piece of cardboard

7. Scissors

Step 1

First prep your bag. Put the piece of cardboard inside the bag and lay it flat so you have a flat surface. The cardboard should fit the inside of the bag perfectly. I recommend buying a square piece of cardboard at a store instead of using one from a ripped package.

Step 2

Iron on your letters. When ironing on your letters make sure to follow the instructions exactly. I got all of these materials at hobby lobby.

Step 3

Next arrange your stickers to your liking. The biggest sticker should go in the middle and the small stickers to the side. After you arrange them hot glue them onto the bag. Make sure not to burn yourself like I did 😬. If you want you can put horse pins on the bag too. I didn't have any pins so I stuck to stickers.

Step 4

Cut the bandana and tie it onto the strings of the drawstring bag. I tied them on at the bottom so they wouldn't get in the way when I opened/closed the bag.

Step 5

Let the bag cool. I would wait 12 hours until using the bag so the stickers don't peel off. I recommend using this as a show tote so you can carry your water bottle, money, or snacks in it. This bag isn't washable so I wouldn't bring it to the stables for a lesson as it can get dirty and then the bag is ruined. If you needed to wash it I would get a damp washcloth with whatever cleaner you use and scrub with the washcloth. Don't put it in a dryer.

This bag is so cute and stylish! It works great for shows or a tote bag. I love it so much and I hope you guys make it too! If you decide to make it send me the pic and I'll feature it on my Pinterest @sierrabarckholtz. Happy holidays! xx The Desert Rider

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