Equestrian Haul! | What I bought

It's 2021 and what better way to kick off the new year than spending precious money on some equestrian products? That's what I did. I had a lot of fun buying some new horse riding stuff and I am happy to share what I got! Plus a little splurge never hurt a fly :)

**Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to brag about what I bought. I saved up my money for a long time and am very fortunate to be able to have these items.**

  1. 2 Le Mieux Baselayer tops I love these Baselayer tops. They work well in the cold but don't warm me up too much. The fabric is soft and cool and isn't staticky (if you know what I mean). I decided to go for the Chili red and Ice blue.

  2. A new pair of Kerrits breeches If you know me well you know I love the Kerrits riding tights. I'm not a fan of normal breeches and I love these tights because they feel like regular leggings. I buy the Kerrits Ice Fil tights with a full seat. The padding on the bottom helps me stay in the saddle, and that's something normal leggings don't offer. I got them in the Sapphire and I love the color.

  3. Kerrits base layer I love Base layers and it was only fair to buy a Kerrits one too. I bought a green Kerrits base layer and it's so soft! Like the Le Mieux base layers, this one is comfy and keeps me cool during riding. I'm so happy I bought one and will definitely hit up the Kerrits store for more during the year.

  4. 2 new horse drawstring bags I'm constantly going to the barn or rescue with a ton of things I need to bring, so these drawstring bags help me a lot.

  5. Equine Culture helmet bag This was probably the best thing I ever bought in this haul. I desperately needed a helmet bag, as I found my helmet got some scratches without a helmet bag. This helmet bag is amazing! It fits my helmet perfectly plus it has a pocket on the outside so I can store other things when I take a trip to the barn. I can also put my water bottle in it when I go riding.

  6. Muck boots You guys know I volunteer at a horse rescue every Saturday. There I muck out stalls, feed, and hang out with the equines. Everybody knows if you work with horses you get dirty, so I decided to buy some muck boots so my feet wouldn't come home soaked with sand. I love these boots not only because they keep my feet clean - which they do - but because they are so easy to clean! All I have to do is dampen a cloth and wipe away the dirt. And the horses on the front are so cute :)

  7. Horse Jewelry I love wearing horse jewelry because I feel it really expresses my love for horses. These jewelry pieces are so cute and go great with all my new western wear.

  8. Fuzzy Riding Jacket Lately in Arizona, it has been getting really cold. Well for me at least. Especially when I volunteer at the horse rescue half the time I am shivering from the cold. This jacket keeps me warm when I am riding and volunteering at the barn.

  9. Ariat Jeans & Plaid shirt I love seeing wild horses, visiting old cowboy towns, and trail riding. This pair of Ariat jeans and a plaid shirt keep me warm and cozy when on the road. I love the details in the bootcut jeans and the fuzziness of the plaid.

  10. Riding socks Now that I'm around horses a lot more it's always good to have some extra riding socks. Even when I'm not riding they keep dirt and mud out from wetting my feet. Plus they are so comfortable!

I hope you enjoyed this winter equestrian haul! I love everything I bought and am excited to use it. I've tried to link everything as best as I can so you can buy it if you want! xx The Desert Rider

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