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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

While you may not think breeches are necessary, they do provide a lot of comfort and security in the saddle. Most breeches have a full seat or knee patch that helps you stay in the saddle. Here are some tips on picking out your breeches so you have maximum comfort when riding.

Don't buy them online

Now, I get it. Amazon has such amazing deals and items for such a low price! But unfortunately, you cant buy breeches online. It just doesn't work! Breeches fit differently on everyone so when you buy your breeches go to a store where you can try them on. That way you have fitting breeches that are cozy and that you love to ride in. Trust me, you'll thank me.


Personally, I like my clothes a little bit bigger, just so I have room to grow in. But I know a lot of people who don't. And the good thing about breeches is that with their soft fabrics you forget about sizes! Breeches are so light that even if they are small you forget about them when your riding. They are supposed to be form-fitting with little to no wrinkles, but if they have a little extra room that's okay.


Breeches come in so many different colors. While pink and purple are cute, you may not get your money's worth with them because you will have to buy a new pair if you plan on showing. Most shows only allow tan, black, white, or maybe gray (if your lucky) colored breeches so even though you can't get bright yellow or turquoise blue if you buy one of those colors you don't have to buy another pair. I would recommend gray or black so dirt doesn't show as easily on them as it would white or tan.

Full seat vs knee patch

Full seat breeches are most commonly worn by eventers or dressage riders. Full seat breeches are great for them because they help them stick to the saddle when performing their gaits. Knee patch or extended seat breeches are worn by hunter and jumper riders as they help them get more grip in the knees during jumps. However, you can buy whatever pair you like, although some may help you more when riding.

Favorite brands

Brands like Kerrits, Ariat, Tuff rider, and Ovation have amazing breeches that are comfy and trendy. I got my breeches from Kerrits and let me tell you, that was the best decision I ever made. My Ice Fill breeches help me stay cool in the saddle and don't stick to my legs after a ride. Kerrits also has a winter collection that can help you stay warm now that summer is ending and winter is approaching.

Breeches are an incredibly comfortable and affordable way to ride at your fullest. And with tons of designs and colors, what's not to love? I am so happy I got a pair of breeches and you guys should too! I hope you enjoyed this post. xx The Desert Rider

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