Hay equestrians! I'm doing a giveaway! Read the full post to see how it works.

What will be the giveaway

For this giveaway I am super happy about what I picked out. It is this rose gold bit bracelet and it is super cute. I love it so much and it goes well with both western and English riders.

How to enter

If you want to enter you must subscribe to my blog and follow my Pinterest

When you enter I write your name, and email address down on my list of enterers. The deadline to enter is November 10th. On November 11th I will randomly pick the winner. I will email you and you will give me your P.O address so I can have the bracelet shipped to you.

Remember, the deadline is November 10th. Make sure to tell all your equestrian friends about the giveaway! I hope ya'll enter in the giveaway. I think this is such a cute product for all equestrians. If you have any questions contact me.

Isn't this gorgeous?

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