Havasupai falls mule and horse abuse!😲😢😡

Have you heard about the Havasupai Falls horse and mule trails? If you haven't every year people go to Havasupai Falls and use horses and mules to carry hundreds of pounds of their luggage. The animals are forced to walk tons of miles in grueling heat and sometimes don't get water or food for days. They have open wounds and rope burns and are so starved and skinny. They get whipped and sometimes are so exhausted they fall off the side of the cliffs. Many die of heatstroke and are left in the canyon without any proper service. Don't let this keep happening! If you know someone who was planning on going tell them all the horrible things that happen to these animals. So what if they get mad? Will you be so afraid to risk a friendship that you let your friend be the cause of an innocent animals death? Speak up. This has been going on for decades and needs to stop.

What you can do to help

One of the awful things about this is that you can't really donate anything to help stop animal abuse. No matter how much apples, carrots, or water you donate to the horses that isn't going to help them. What you should be doing is helping the rescue shelters that rescue these poor animals. Healing Hearts animal rescue has rescued lots of horses from the Havasupai Falls abuse. You can help by donating to shelters like that so they can keep rescuing more animals from the Havasupai Falls. But the number one thing that can really make a difference is DON'T ride there! Tell your friends and family about it, spread the word. You can also make a social post about it to help get more people aware of what is happening to horses and mules. A lot of times people sign up for the trail without knowing what they will witness. If you tell people about it there will be less people signing up and less animals getting hurt. And finally, another thing you can do to help is buy the rescue horses. Every year Healing hearts animal rescue takes in Havasupai Falls horses and mules. They train them and nurture them until they are well enough to ride. Yes, some of those horses may never ride again. But wouldn't you feel so much better with a rescue horse, knowing that you are providing a safe home and shelter to a formerly abused horse? Even if you aren't allowed or able to ride the horse, just imagine its face as you come home from work or school and feed them a carrot. Imagine those little eyes, their mouths happily chomping on the carrots, looking forward to their late night walk. That's why people adopt rescue horses, for moments like those. So what if they only have a few years, or maybe even months left? Make their last moments the best they can be, so they don't have to die on the trails. And one of the many pros to buying a rescue horse is that they range from $300-$1000. They aren't like those $10,000, no, but in the end they are just a loving animal, who wants to go to bed with a full tummy and a loving partner to wake up to the next morning.

Thank you so much for reading this post. It is so hard to look at pictures of these poor horses and mules. Make sure to speak up and take action about this terrible, horrible crime. Remember, you can do so much. These poor animals need our help. xx The Desert Rider

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