Horse Markings

Horses are such cool and unique animals, there is so much to learn about them. From the color of their mane to their breed you never stop learning cool things. One thing lots of horses have are markings. All pictures will be at the bottom (in a video). Here are some common ones-


Faint Star- A faint star is a small white spot between a forehead and eyes of a horse. A faint star is very small and can be hard to see.

Star- If you see a white spot between a horse's forehead and eyes, this is a star. Stars can be any shape.

Star and Snip- A star and snip is a combination of a star and a snip. This will look larger than a regular star but wont go down to the muzzle like a snip would go.

Irregular Star- An irregular star will be about the same size as a star but will be in an odd shape. It can be in any form.

Snip- A snip is a small spot on the horses muzzle in between their two nostrils. It can be long or wide. The snip wont cover any other area other than the muzzle.

Blaze- If you see a large white stripe down the middle of a horses face this is a blaze. A blaze will start at the forehead but stop at the muzzle. The top of the blaze will be more wide than the bottom.

Stripe- A stripe looks like a blaze but is skinnier.

Stripe and Snip- A stripe and snip looks like a stripe but the stripe will go to the muzzle like the snip will go. It covers more length than a normal stripe.

Irregular Blaze- An irregular blaze may look like a weird thick line on the horses face. This wont have a certain pattern as all irregular blazes are different. It wont look like a normal blaze and it wont look like a snip, it will look like a combination of the two with a few spots of its own.

Interrupted Stripe- An interrupted stripe has the form of a stripe but there may be a gap in the middle where the stripe was "interrupted". The stripe will continue to form after the gap however the gap will be noticeable.

Bald Face- A bald face is a combination of a very, very wide blaze and a very very big snip (taking over the whole muzzle). It extends to the eyes or past the eyes and may take up the whole face. This is common in paints or pintos and most of these horses with a bald face will have somewhat blue eyes.

Lip Marking- A lip marking will look like a small white patch on the horses lip. It can be any shape or size.


Stocking- A stocking is a white marking that extends to the knee or hock or higher.

Sock- A white marking that doesn't extend to the knee or hock and normally stops around the cannon bone.

Fetlock- A white marking that extends to the fetlock.

Pastern- A pastern is a white marking that extends to the …pastern!

Coronet- A thin white line around the hoof.

Partial Pastern- A bit of white on around the pastern but doesn't go around all the way.

There are so many markings on a horse and these are just a few examples. Horses are so unique and I wouldn't be surprised if your horse has something completely different! By mesmerizing these markings you will sound like a true equine expert when talking about horses. Watch the Video below to see the images of the markings! Enjoy! xx The Desert Rider

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