Horse Walkers- What they are and how they help

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Have you ever gone to a stable and seen a odd looking "horse carousel thing"? Well that's actually called a horse walker. In a way, horse walkers are a bit like a treadmill for horses. Keep reading to find out what they are, why they are used, and what the plus side of using them is.

What they are

Horse walkers are equine equipment designed to have horses moving around. Some have chains that attach to the halters so even though its not pulling the horse, it motivates it to walk around. Horse walkers can serve 4-6 horses at a time. They are great for people that want their horse to get exercise without having to put them in the grass so they can play and run around.

Why they are used

They are used similar to a treadmill. The horse walks around and gets exercise, and can do so with other horses at the same time. There are lots of sizes and you can change the speed of the walker, just like a treadmill. It is a great way for your horse to workout and have fun.


These come in handy for smaller stables who don't have a paddock for their horses. They can save space. If you don't have a pasture buying a horse walker would be a great option so that way horses still get to move around when they are not under the saddle. Although you can't replace a paddock, horse walkers are great ways to give your equine some exercise. You can also choose some sizes of the walkers. If one is to big you can get a smaller one that can fit the area of space you have.

Horse walkers are great ideas for your little four legged friend. They are a great way to provide exercise and fun if you don't have enough space for a paddock. And trust me, your horse will love the walkers just as much. xx The Desert Rider

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