How long can a horse go without food/water?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

How long can a horse go without food/water. Unlike camels, horses cant store food in there body and they cannot go through the desert for days without water. Here in Arizona, horses need water or else they will get dehydrated. Exactly how many days can a horse go without food/water?


You would think that such a big animal couldn't go without food for more than a couple days. Well you are wrong! 😂 Horses can go two - three weeks without food, which is amazing. If a horse needed to then it could survive more than a couple days or weeks without food which can send comfort through you, knowing if you ever forget to give your equine his daily treat they are not going to die.


Unlike food, water is a very important role in a equine's life. They can only go 3-6 days without water!That's nothing! A body that big needs lots of fuel which water has. After 2 days without water a horse will stop eating and start showing signs of colic or other life-threatening aliments. So take 20 minutes of your day to refill your horse's water bin, just to make sure they have enough for the day.

Believe it or not, horses should drink between 5-10 gallons of water a day! They also need to eat 15-20 pounds of hay a day, also a lot. That's why you always want to make sure to check their water and food before you leave for the day, just to make sure they are happy. By the way guys I might be doing a live stream tonight at about 6 so make sure to stop by to see that! It will be posted in videos. I don't know 100% if i will be doing it so If I haven't posted by 6:30 then i'm probably not. Thanks! xx The Desert Rider

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