How to bathe a horse

Just like humans, horses need baths too! No one wants a smelly horse covered in sweat. Plus horse-showers are great for horses after a hot and sticky day riding. Actually, you don't need to bathe your horse after every ride. You can just rinse them down with a hose. You have to be careful bathing your horse because you are only supposed to bathe your horse one time a week. If you shampoo them any more it can irritate their skin and cause dryness. And you don't need to use to much shampoo, even though you are only bathing them once a week. Apply it like you would apply body wash, not to much but just enough.


First get a wet wash cloth and rub it all over their face gently, being careful to not annoy their eyes. This may sound gross but (eww I know, I have to say this🤢🤮 ) you can get the washcloth and get out any... snots in their nose. Phew, glad that's over 😄. DO NOT put shampoo on their face ever. Only use water at all times. Next hose off their whole body ( don't use the hose on their face or ears, that's why you use a washcloth) making sure to get under their legs and between their back legs. Make sure to get their mane and tail as well. The next part is the most important part. Take the shampoo and rub it all over their body. using a gel curry comb. Make sure to get their whole body but don't use the gel curry comb on the mane. For the mane (and tail) you can use the shampoo but you can also use the mane and tail conditioner. Once you have finished shampooing his/her hole body and conditioning her mane as well you can rinse her off. For his/her tail you can fill a bucket with water and put their tail inside it, using your hands to get all of the products off. Make sure to get all the products off because if there is still shampoo on their body it can irritate their skin.

De-tangle their mane and tail

This part is optional. If your horses hair is knotty then use de-tangler so you don't hurt the horse or spend hours trying to comb their mane and tail. Spray the de-tangler on and using a hair comb gently comb their hair.

Sweat Scraper

Using the sweat scraper scrape off all the sweat or extra water on their body. Don't use the sweat scraper on their face, mane, or tail.

Dry them

Make sure to dry the horse off to the best of your abilities. Again, you don't have to do their face. You can use a towel or a sheet to get rid of all the dampness. Don't put a wet horse back in their stall or paddock or pasture because then when they decide to roll around they will get leaves stuck to them.


Bathing a horse can take a while. Don't do this in a rush, find a time where you can bathe them without having to constantly check the clock.

Thanks for reading this post! xx The Desert Rider

This is Dallas. He is a cutie. Go to the video page to see a video of me riding him!

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