How to canter on a horse

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hello equestrians! Today we will be focusing on cantering, how to do it and more. Everyone wants to canter so I hope you enjoy this post.

Step 1

Go into sitting trot. This can help your horse get warmed up so cantering is easier to do. If you want a challenge then you can do it from standstill but if you have never cantered before then sitting trot would be the best way to go.

Step 2

Make sure your horse is collected. Collection is key in cantering. If you don't know what I mean by "collection" I mean when your horse's head is down so you can see their bridle path. To get them collected use your fingers and wiggle the reins until your horse lowers their head. In order to canter successfully you have to have a collected horse because when their head comes up they will break stride.

Step 3

Make sure you canter on the correct lead. For example, if you wanted to canter on the left lead you would shift your weight to the left seat bone. This helps them when picking up the correct canter lead. Supporting with your right/left rein can also help. To tell if you are cantering on the correct lead the inside leg should be going more forward than the others.

Step 4

Place your outer foot slightly back. Don't put it too far back, only an inch or two. When asking your horse to canter the only difference will be the outside leg. The inside leg can stay normal. After you adjust your outside foot make kissy noises. Press your outside foot against your horse and keep kissing until they pick up canter.

I hope these instructions help you get your horse to canter. Cantering is hard and takes time, don't get frustrated if you cant do it right away. xx The Desert Rider

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