How to clean your riding boots

Whether you have riding boots or cowboy boots to ride in, you always want to make sure they are nice and clean. When I started I was confused how to clean them. Some sites said with a wipe, some said don't clean them, some said dust them, I had no idea what to do. But you guys don't have to worry because now I do know what to do! And soon you will too.

What to clean them with

Riding boots aren't like other boots. You can't put them in the wash because it will damage the leather. But you can't not clean them either. What I find works best for me is to wet a washcloth and kinda scrunch it up and twist it so all the water comes off. Then it will be damp so you can clean your boots without damaging the leather.

How to clean them

Cleaning your boots is quite simple. You just clean them all around the boot and make sure to get any crevices with dirt. Of course, not all of it will come off but most of it will.

I know this post was short but I will be posting another one tomorrow. xx The Desert Rider

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