How to get a lazy horse movin' | Guest post by 'Equestrian Olivia'

Do you know that one horse at the barn who is just to lazy to move? I sure do! Here are some tips on how to get that horse to fly like the wind!

  1. Have patience! If the horse can tell that you are frustrated, that will make him/her want to move even less!

  2. Have consistency Tap on his/her sides when they are slowing down If you really need help, use a whip or spurs. Make sure you aren’t using them harshly. Just use them for encouragement.

  3. Talk to your horse A lot of horses respond to verbal commands, you just have to figure out what those commands are. Maybe it's clucking or kissing? Or maybe its saying “Giddy up”. Try to figure out those cues, it will help you out a lot.

About Olivia

Olivia is a skilled equestrian who specializes in Barrel racing. She hopes to be a professional barrel racer someday. Olivia loves riding a sweet appaloosa named Sugar. While she doesn't have her own horse now, she hopes to have on in the future. Follow her Pinterest and follow her second one to be included in equestrian fun.

Olivia & Sugar

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