How to give a horse a treat

You may be wondering why I am writing such a simple post but believe it or not, lots of riders struggle to give their horses treats. Its one of those things where even if you ride your horse may be licky and you are worried they will bite you. Fear not, here is the correct way to give your horse a treat.

Start with your palm out flat

First make sure your palm is flat. Your fingers together and make them as straight as possible so that when your horse grabs the treat the only part that gets slobber is your palm. Your fingers will be curved down wards at a small angle.

Place the treat onto your palm. Raise your hand under their mouth and kind of shove your hand up to their lip. Whatever you do do not take your hand away when the horse grabs the treat because when you do this your fingers will pull back and the horse might bite you by accident, assuming your hand is the treat. So make sure to actually give your horse the treat.

If you don't feel comfortable giving your horse a treat, try a carrot. Carrots are long and you can use your fingers to feed it to your horse.

Remember, if you arent sure you are going to be brave enough to give them a treat don't attempt it. Your horse will smell it and get excited only for you to take away the treat. Don't bribe them with something and then take it away. If your horse grabs it roughly still give them the treat but don't feed them any after. You might want to try some bigger treats if you feel like it takes your horse to long to eat a small one.

I hope you enjoyed this small post. When I first started horseback riding I was comfortable cantering but I didn't like feeding treats. My coach gave me this easy and simple method so you can reward your horse without getting some bite marks.

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