How to properly groom a horse

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

We all want people to look at a horse and go "wow, that horse is gorgeous!". And all horses are beautiful so people will say that. However sometimes when you don't take proper care of your horse they don't come across as gorgeous, pretty, stunning. Here is the proper grooming routine every day to make your horse look the best.

Curry comb

First you will want to comb your horse with a curry comb. A curry comb removes sweat and loose hairs from the coat. You will want to use it in circular motions.

Dandy brush

Then you will use a dandy brush to make the coat look shiny and clean. Use it in long straight motions, and make sure to dust off any hair on the surface. You can also use this to remove dust on their legs.

Hair comb

Next you will want to use a normal hair comb and comb their mane and tail. Remove any twigs or leaves in their hair, and remember to get the forelock. When you go to do their tail give your horse a pat on the back leg to let them know you are there. Then you can go in for the tail. Just like the mane, make sure there are no twigs in the tail.

Pick their hooves

First grab the pick. Run a hand along the inside of their leg, and tell them to "pick up" their hoof. If the don't respond to that you can try to life up their leg. Once they lift it up hold their hoof with one arm and pick the hoof. Don't be afraid to pick hard. It will go pretty deep if they have a lot of stuff in their hoof. When you are done gently put their hoof down.

Brush their face

Next use a soft brush to dust off their face. Soft brushes help get dirt, dust, grime, really anything that has fallen onto your horses face overnight.

Wipe their face

Using a damp towel, wipe their face off. Make sure to get any dry spots and wipe their nose, and eyes.

Clean up any dirty patches

If you have a darker colored horse you probably won't have to do this but if you have a Grey or a light colored horse then you should always clean up some yucky spots on their coat. To clean them up you can start with a curry comb if there is mud. The curry comb will get the mud chunks off, leaving less of a stain. Next pour hot water on a towel or washcloth. Spray on some dry shampoo and rub away at the stains.

Now you are done! Taking care of your horse is great and if you do this routine every day your horse will look stunning. Thanks for reading this post! xx The Desert Rider

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