How to put on a halter

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Welcome back peeps! I hope all of you saw my post of what we this year will look like in my blog. Lets get on with this post!

Unbraiding the lead rope

Normally at my stable they keep the lead rope that is clipped onto the halter in this kind of weird braid thing. First you would want to undo that so you can quickly slip the halter on an the lead rope isn't too short. Keep the rope attached to the halter. Depending on how long the rope is loop it around your arm.

Entering the stall

When you enter the stall first open the door/doors up completely, that way you have room to bring out your horse. You can give your horse a smooch and a hug just to greet them and say, "Good morning sleepy head!".

Putting the halter on

When you put it on the nose band will go over their mouth, just like it would on a cavesson. Underneath it there will be a tie ring, that is where your rope should be clipped. The cheek piece will act like a cheek piece and the only part that should unbuckle will be the crown piece. Slip on the nose band, and with your right arm grab the crown piece from the other side of the horse. Then buckle it. It shouldn't be tight, leave at least 1 or two holes for comfort.

Leading your horse out of the stall

Hold the extra rope with one hand, and hold the upper lead rope with your other. Make sure the door to the stall is back so you will have room to exit.

Hope this post helped you! xx The Desert Rider

Scroll down to see the parts of a halter 👇👇

Here are the halter parts. The lead rope will be connected to the tie ring. Everything else stays clipped when you put it on EXCEPT the buckle on the crown piece. You take that off before you put on the halter, and the once its on you take your right arm and you reach over your horse's head to grab it. Then you can buckle it.

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