How/when to brush your horse's teeth

How/when to brush your horse's teeth. wow. This sentence really sums up the whole, "horse's are a lot of work" thing. I mean, who knew you had to brush your horse's teeth?! I mean, you can brush dogs teeth every once and a while but it doesn't have the biggest impact like if you brush your horse's teeth.


Brushing your horse's teeth isn't mandatory, so if you cant do it don't worry. However if your horse hasn't has a dental examine for about 9-10 months and you haven't scheduled one then brushing your horse's teeth would be a good idea. Just by brushing it one time it will have a big impact. Only brush your horse's teeth every couple months or so though.

What you need

You don't need a special toothbrush but try to get a large one. DO NOT use an electric tooth brush on your horse, this will freak them out. DO NOT use normal human toothpaste as it contains fluoride that could damage your horse's teeth. Instead buy special toothpaste. Remember to talk to your vet before attempting to brush your horse's teeth.


Have your horse raise their upper lip. Then gently brush on the outside of your horses teeth and on their back teeth if you feel like he/she needs it. If your horse licks the toothpaste it won't matter because you should be using special horse toothpaste. Make sure you keep a firm hand on the tooth brush at all times. If your horse tries to bite you or shows any kind of discomfort stop. This isn't necessary so there is no reason to put up a fight with your horse. And we all know who will win lol 😂

Remember, you don't need to brush your horses teeth. Try giving them a dentist appointment every 6-12 months. And make sure to consult your vet if you want to try to brush your horse's teeth. Btw my pinterest account is The Desert Rider if you want to check it out. There is a small Pinterest logo at the side of the home page and on the bottom of this page. If you cannot find it here is the link:

It is The Desert Rider with my little profile pic on the side.

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