I donated to Triple r horse rescue!

I have always loved helping animals. Since I was 9 years old I have been donating to animal rescue shelters all over Arizona. When I started horseback riding I immediately began thinking of my future horse, but when I think of my dream horse I think of a rescue. I wanted to help out the horse rescue community in Arizona and I found Triple r horse rescue in Cave Creek Arizona.

About them

Triple R horse rescue is a rescue shelter in cave creek who rehabilitates surrendered, abandoned, lost, abused horses. Many times they get horses from people that lost their jobs and cant pay for it anymore. Triple R horse rescue is non-profit and relies on donations to keep the rescue running. I wanted to help them so I spent $100 (from my allowance) worth of supplies to use for the donation.

What I got

Its always tricky picking stuff out for other people. At first I was going to get a grooming set but most stables prefer buckets, towels, anything they use a lot. I came to the conclusion of buying 6 buckets (20 Quart), 2 fly masks with ears, a manure head, 2 halters, and 1 lead rope. These donations will help them when they take in more horses.

I was so happy that I decided to donate. I love helping other rescue groups and I will be volunteering every now and then at Triple r horse rescue. Visit their site https://triplerhorserescue.com/ for more information on adoption.

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