Meet Krystal!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog. With everything going on let me just say I hope you guys are safe and happy at home! Staying quarantined is tough but we de-quarantining slowly but surely.

I have been going to the stable and the horse I have been riding is this beautiful Brown horse with a white stripe down her face. She has the cutest little eyes and don't even get me started on her mane. #modlehorse LOL.

Her name is Krystal and she is 18-19 years old. Yes, she is a bit older but she is still an amazing horse. She is so gentle and LOVES Altoids. Give her a mint and she will be your best friend hahaha. But seriously, I love to ride her and if I could I would buy her (she already has an owner :'(.

One of the best things about Krystal is that she is great for beginners. She is great to tack up and even better to ride. You can learn from her without getting bucked of or kicked in the face.

One of my favorite things to do with Krystal is brush her. A lot of the times I get her from her stall and she will be covered in dust. And then I brush her and she looks so nice and shiny and clean.

Here are some pictures of Krystal!

Sweet lil Krystal 🥰

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