My Ovation Riding Helmet!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Having a proper helmet is essential in horseback riding. In order to stay safe, you need to have the proper equipment. Especially when you get better and start doing jumps you will start falling off more and more. You need to have the right helmet when riding so you don't get hurt. I decided it was time to buy a riding helmet. Before I was using a bike helmet but only because my stable doesn't require fancy riding helmets until you start cantering or galloping. I figured it would be safe to buy one since I needed one. I decided to buy the Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet. Here's what I thought:


The price is a big part when buying a helmet. You want it to be reasonable but you also want the helmet to be good quality. Most helmets range in price from $40+ and it can be hard to find a good helmet at a price you can afford. The Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet is just $59! Considering the price of other helmets I looked at this helmet is the best price for the best quality.


Your helmet needs to fit right. The color doesn't matter as much as the size and fit. I got an m/l. There is no specific size by age since everyone has a different sized head. If you feel like the helmet isn't on your head, almost as if it's hovering over your head and you have to push it down to feel it then the helmet is too tight. If you cant see with it or the helmet wiggles too much even though it's the tightest you can get chances are its too big. It is important to measure your head before you buy one to make sure the dimensions are correct. This helmet fits true to size. I would recommend going in-store to buy one so you don't buy the wrong one.


There are many types of riding helmets. Some are designed for racing, while some go better with western riders. The type of helmet depends on your style of riding. It is best to go with the helmet that fits your style needs.

My Helmet

The deluxe schooler helmet was definitely the way to go. It fits comfortably and isn't too heavy. It is light on my head and makes me feel confident and safe when riding. I love it a lot and am so glad I bought it.

The Ovation deluxe schooler helmet is the best helmet for the best price. I love this helmet so much. It is way better than a bike helmet :) xx The Desert Rider

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