Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Welcome back to the desert rider. I have some great news to share! I finally got posting down!

At my stable there was horse camp. I didn't go because I already had something scheduled but my lesson for Wednesday was canceled soooooooooo I got to go today! First thing I did was work on posting and I picked it up right away! I was really happy and suprised because normally it takes me longer but I was really aching to go to the stables this past week and I guess I was really anxious to go!

How to post

So when I say how to post ya'll know that I mean post in horseback riding, not like post a blog post right? LOL just checking. So first you are going to go into the sitting trot. Sitting Trot is a trot where you sit firmly in your seat so you don't bounce up and down. Get that going for a minute or two and when you feel comfortable push (with your legs) your bottom out of the saddle. Don't go to high, only a couple of inches. While you do make your belly button go up towards the horses ears. Keep doing this and trust me, posting will come to you.

How long does it take?

Not everything in horseback riding comes naturally. In fact, posting is one of them. For some people it takes a week while for others it can take months. It just depends on the rider and how well they execute themselves. Don't get frusterated if you can't do it, posting is one of those things that take time.

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