Proper Riding Attire

When you start horseback riding you will probably be like, "omg mom can I get these breeches! Ooooooooohhhhhh look at that jacket! And don't even get me started on those boots! Can I get them mommy please please please 🥺?!" Don't be startled when *mommy says no. It may seem like you need all that stuff but in general all you really need is boots and a helmet.


When starting horseback riding many people need boots. Actually, you just need 2 inch heel boots but lets be real, who has those kind of boots in the summer time, especially in Arizona. Nobody. That's why most people have to buy boots before they start. One of the biggest no's to buying boots is buying them online. You have to go to the store to buy them because you never know how they will fit, especially if you buy them on amazon. Boots are supposed to be snug so that they don't fall off when you ride. You want to have a couple inches of toe room but again, not too much. If it hurts to walk in them and it feels like your ankle is rubbing against the side they are probably too small. Another thing to remember is that if you are just a beginner you don't need those high boots. The ankle boots would be just fine. If you don't know where you can buy horseback boots then I would go to greenway saddlery. I got mine there and they are so comfy! They have tons of boot options for every foot. The thing about horseback riding is that many people know its not a cheap sport. Boots may vary in the $60-$400 so don't be surprised when the amount comes out to a lot more expensive than you hoped.


Getting a horseback helmet can be confusing. Some stables require it, some don't. As you may see in my photos I wear a bike helmet. The reason why is because the stable I go to doesn't require horseback helmets. Also, many stables already have helmets there. If you do want to get a helmet it is pretty straightforward. The helmet will be snug but not to snug that it leaves a red mark across your face when you take it off. Again, greenway saddlery would be the place to go for the helmet although they are not cheap. Mostly everything in the horseback world has a cost and this sport is kind of pricey.


One of the most important things to consider when you start horseback riding is comfort. When I started I wore jeans to ride in. Don't get me wrong, jeans work fine... if you live somewhere besides Arizona. In the summertime in AZ the temperature can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit so jeans would not be the most comfy. Imagine getting off the saddle with sticky heavy pants stuck to your legs. #notsocomfy. If you live in a state that's a little bit cooler then it wouldn't be a problem but when you wear jeans in this heat in AZ its all you can think about when you ride. I wanted to have the best comfort possible so I bought a pair of breeches! I cannot get over how comfy they are. I bought mine at greenway saddlery and they don't stick to your legs, they are breathable, the bottom doesn't cut off your circulation and they are so dang cute! Like boots, breeches aren't something you should buy online. Your best bet would be to go to the store but it would still be alright if you bought a pair online. They are supposed to be form fitting without any wrinkles. Just like helmets and boots, these breeches are very pricey. Mine were $90 which were very good deal considering some can come out to $200. You don't need breeches but your second option would be athletic leggings. They are still comfy and you are able to move around in them.


From reading all these prices you are probably ready to faint. Well take a sip of water and wait one second! The good thing is that you don't have to buy a special top! Just wear any top that isn't loose and hangs. You can wear a tee shirt, an athletic shirt, a tank top, any of those work! If you want to get the whole look then yes, you can buy a top but it isn't necessary.

Always remember that only one out of these four items may be necessary. You don't need fancy clothes to ride. If you can't afford it that's okay but if you really want it maybe pitch in around the house to earn some money or put some of it on your birthday list. I hope everyone has a great weekend. xx The Desert Rider

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