Riding Coco for the first time!

This week I was so excited to ride Coco, a cute 6 year old half Arabian mare. While I was excited, I was a bit nervous as I had heard stories about Coco and how she likes to buck. She is a princess and she has her moods, and i'm not gonna lie, I was a bit scared.

Tacking the diva up

Tacking little-miss-pageant horse up was surprisingly not too hard. I started off with a comb and even though I was cautious I made sure to get all the dust off her. I moved on to her mane and tail while still being aware of what was going on. At the stable that I tried out they don't have any hunt saddles so I used a western saddle. Tacking up western-style was a bit different. Some equipment, such as a breastplate, I had never used before. It was very interesting to see all the different tack. She was pretty good during the whole process. I mean yes, she did move around a bit but what horse likes to stand still all the time? Next it was time to ride.

Riding the talk of the town, Coco

We walked her to one of their many arenas, although the one we would be riding in was the indoor arena. Their indoor arena is huge and very nice. The whole facility is huge, with multiple arenas along with lots of stalls and one big pen. My coach, Leo, started her off on a lunge line. She went into canter/gallop and when I saw her gallop i was like, i'm gonna die. After she was warmed up I got on her and started to walk. Leo had her clipped to a rope just because this was my first time riding her and we didn't want anyone to get hurt. We started off in a walk. It was nice and smooth and we went around in a circle. I made sure to hold the reins very tight so if anything happened I would have the reins short enough to be able to deal with the situation. Next we moved into a sitting trot but soon after I found myself posting quickly because her trot was so fast. I relaxed a bit after I figured out I might not get myself killed just yet. However a couple minutes later something, maybe a shovel, was tossed over the fence from one of the maintenance guys. Coco got scared and kind of threw her back legs underneath her. I freaked out but pulled back the reins so she wouldn't go into her gallop. We settled to the other side of the arena and went into a posting trot again. After a couple minutes we decided to move to the pen, since it was completely closed in and there were no distractions. Once we got in the pen I picked up my posting trot again and took it from the top. My mom was using a pink chair to sit on and occasionally would peek through the gap to see what was going on. One time she peeked through, and I don't know why or how, but somehow Coco got a bit scared and did a mini version of what she did the first time. I felt it coming and as able to stop her but after she did it a second time we decided to call it a day and get her un-tacked.

Riding Coco was an exciting/nervous experience. I think she is a great horse and riding a horse like her can make you a better rider. I now know how to deal with problems that may occur when I ride which is great. I can't wait to see Coco again. xx The Desert Rider

Here are some pics of me and Coco

I also got to see another cute horse named Triumph. He was so sweet 🥰

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