Riding updates, summer plans, & more!

Hello everybody! Its been a long time since I have written a post (a month exactly!) so I figured I should do a little update on my riding and such. I apologize for the long break, I was feeling very un-motivated to write and have been extremely busy with helping out at my stable. However I am back now and you can expect new posts every week or two on Tuesdays!

Riding Updates

I am now riding 3 times a week. For those of you who don't know, I ride saddleseat. I love saddleseat and all the saddlebreds and half arab/half saddlebreds I have ridden are super sweet and fun. I plan on doing 1-2 shows in the fall so I have been practicing a lot for them! I am going to compete in the WT class for equitation and showmanship! I will be staying in WT for a while as once I move on to WTC I cannot go back into WT. I am very excited for the shows and happy that I have a few more months to improve my skills.

Barn Help

At the end of may I was chosen for the opportunity to be able to assist instructors at my barn! I was so happy and immediately took the job. I help tack up horses 4 days a week, 5 hours a day. It is hard work but very fun and gives me something to do during the day. I also bathe horses, clean up around the barn, and make sure everything is running smoothly in between lessons. As a barn helper I have received free lessons, which is a major plus to working at my stable. I highly encourage you to help out at your stable! It is so fun and you will enjoy it very much.

Summer plans

I am very excited to announce that this summer I will be going to South Carolina for two weeks! I have always wanted to go to SC, as they are well known for their equestrian culture. For the first two days we will be staying in a hotel in Charleston. In Charleston we will be visiting lots of the historical sites of South Carolina. From Charleston we will drive to Aiken. I am especially excited about this part of the trip because we will be staying on a horse farm for 5 days! From the pictures I have seen, the farm looks cozy and cute and the horses are adorable. Aiken is famous for their race tracks and polo history. We will be visiting the Aiken Thoroughbred Hall of Fame & Museum during our time in Aiken. We will also be helping out at the Equine Rescue of Aiken. After our 5 days in Aiken are up we head to Bluffton for 5 more days! In Bluffton we will continue to explore and will be staying at the Hilton Head resort. I am extremely excited for this vacation and cant wait!

I hope you enjoyed this life update! Again, I apologize for being gone for so long but I am happy to be back. You can expect lots of South Carolina posts including my equestrian travels so stay tuned! xx The Desert Rider

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