Tail ribbons on horses and what they mean!

It is very important to know your tail ribbons before going to a show. They indicate dangerous or spooky horses, and keep and your equine safe. It is always a good idea to mesmerize your tail ribbons and colors so you don't go home with broken bones. Here is the kinds of tail ribbons and what they mean!

Red Ribbon

A red ribbon on a horses tail means the horse wearing it kicks or strikes! Stay away from horses like these, and make sure if you do need to go by them to be careful. If you notice pawing at the ground harshly, or pinned back ears then get as far away from the horse as possible. He could be trying to kick!

Pink Ribbon

Ahhh mares. My favorite type of horse (all joking aside, they are :). The pink ribbon means the horse is a sassy mare. She could be a distraction to stallions in the arena and she may be in heat. If you are riding a stallion stay away.

Yellow Ribbon

A yellow ribbon means the horse is a stallion. Stay back and be cautious while approaching the horse. It would be best to stay away from the horse if possible.

Green Ribbon

If you see a green ribbon on a horses tail this means the horse is green. When in the show ring go easy on the horse and rider, and keep in mind the horse is a green horse.

White ribbon

A white ribbon on a horses tail means the horse is for sale! If you see a horse with a white ribbon, watch it ride carefully. You could be a potential buyer and end up buying your dream horse!

Blue Ribbon

A blue ribbon means the horse is an unpredictable and harmful stallion. This means the horse may be potentially dangerous. If you have a mare stay away from the stallion.

I hope this helps you learn your tail ribbons. If you are going to a show make sure that you know them. It can save you and your horse injuries, and you wont have to call the vet or the doctor. xx The Desert Rider

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