The perfect pre-riding breakfast!

Breakfast is very important, especially here in Arizona. The temperatures can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit and you don't want to pass out on your horse. If your one of those people that always get lightheaded in the heat its probably because your not getting a very good breakfast.

My Breakfast

My pre-riding breakfast is actually really simple. I don't have pancakes or waffles or toast, I normally just have a yogurt and a granola bar! Usually what happens to me when I have a "gourmet" (for me pancakes and eggs are a gourmet breakfast :) breakfast before I excersize is that the food doesn't sit well in my stomach and I often feel clammy and like i'm going to pass out. If you feel like a yogurt isn't enough try adding some fruits and granola! I recommend kind bars as your granola bar. Why are they so good?! 😂If you don't like plain yogurt try having a yogurt flip. They come in many yummy flavors to suit your cravings! The most important part of my breakfast is having a huge gulp of Gatorade Zero so I will have energy when I ride. Another reason why you may feel like you are going to pass out is because you don't have enough electrolytes. That's why Gatorade Zero is so good.


Above I mentioned what I eat before I go horseback riding but for some people my food selections may not sound so delicious. And that's okay, I have some ideas! We still want to make sure we are getting enough electrolytes in so maybe instead of having Gatorade have a banana and strawberries! You can add some milk and protein powder and there you go, you have a smoothie! Another great thing about having a smoothie is that if your running late you can put it in a bottle and drink it on your way there! That way you can still have a great ride without passing out from skipping breakfast. Another great option would be to have an acai bowl. Don't know what an acai bowl is? An acai bowl is a thick smoothie (any flavor combo you want. In a bowl, of course 😉) with a ton of toppings on top. You can put granola, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, coconuts, you name it! Acai bowl are so yummy and they make you feel ready to take on the day!

Getting a good breakfast is great and the best part is you don't have to make a big deal! French toast and bagels are great but why try so hard when a smoothie or a yogurt can do the job! You can make so many fast breakfast's without spending 30 min. I listed some ideas but don't forget to come up with your own meal ideas too! I will be posting a very cool post on Wednesday so come back for that. Lastly, comment down below what meals you think would be a great pre-riding breakfast. xx The Desert Rider

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