Today's Lesson

Today's lesson was great! When I got to the stable I went to Krystal's stall and when inside, put on her halter, and lead her into the tack room. One of the helpers there tacked her up for me and I waited for my coach to come so I could put on the bridle. We put on the bridle and went to the arena thingy.

First I started off in a walk. I took her reins and pulled them slightly to one side. This helps the horse get stretched out before they canter or trot. I went a full circle before doing the same thing on the other side. Next I went into sitting trot. Krystal is a bit older so it takes a minute or two to get her trotting but she was a very good horsey today and picked it up right away. I switched sides and once I was finished I picked up my posting trot. Posting trot is a bit faster than sitting trot, just because you have to make sure your bum is staying on the saddle for trot and you don't want to bounce, but you can go a bit faster for posting trot because you post so it looks good. I posted for a couple minutes then picked up canter. Krystal picked it up right away and it was very good. I did have to give her a few reminding squeezes to make sure she didn't go back into trot. A lot of the times when you canter you will feel when your half cantering, half trotting. Today that only happened once which was really good. Next we went on to posting figure eights. It was very smooth and nice, in fact I will post a video in the video tab of that so make sure to go by that. After that we picked up canter which was also good and smooth. It was getting really hot and you could tell Krystal was getting just a tad bit tired so we went in to un-tack her.

First i took off her bridle and put her headstall on. You could see from the marks from the bridle that she was very sweaty, so it was no surprise when I took of the girth and under neath it was all slimy lol.😂 When you take off your horses saddle pad and girth if you touch underneath it's always covered in a sheen of sweat Lol. When she got all un-tacked I moved her to the bathing/rinse off station. Normally after I ride her we just give her a rinse down, so she's not all sticky and sweaty. I rinsed her down and after scraped her with the sweat scraper. She dries pretty fast so I gave her a treat for being such a good girl and lead her into her stall. Its so funny putting her inside her stall because all her horsey friends are next to her, in their own stalls, and its just like she's saying "Hey guys, I just came back from a ride but now I'm here to join the party!" When she got in I took off her headstall and she stuck her little head in her hay bowl and started having breakfast with her fellow friends.

So ya! That was my lesson! I wanted to do a vlog but I just haven't have time. Maybe i'll do one Wednesday? I was thinking about doing a pre-riding morning routine, so that would be fun. But yeah, make sure to go by the video tab to see my video! By the way, after a week or so i will remove the video, just to make sure I have extra space. xx The Desert Rider

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