What I got for my bday | Pt. 1

Hey ya'll! Its my bday! Today has been so much fun and I cant wait to share what I got with you! Since there is still some stuff that has to come in there will be a part 2 next week.

Let me first say sorry for not posting in a week and a half. I knew my bday was coming up and I figured I should just wait until I have the stuff so I can make a post on it! I tried to link as much as I could but for some items I didn't know where they came from.

  1. Horse scrunchies I love wearing scrunchies because since I have very long hair, when I use a regular hair tie the hair tie snaps against my head and creates a bump. I also like using scrunchies because they always seem to fit the thickness of my hair while a lot of hair ties are usually to small. I got these cute silk scrunchies with horses and horseshoes on them and I cant wait to wear them to my riding lesson! They come in so many cute colors.

  2. Horse mask I hate wearing masks but in order to go to restaurants and places, I have to. So why not make the mask experience a little less annoying and get a mask with horses on it! This mask is breathable and soft and doesn't make you feel like you cant breathe. It also has adjustable straps on the side so you can adjust them to your liking. This is my go-to mask now and I can feel confident wearing it in public.

  3. Horse shirt I love clothes that express my love for horses so of course I had to get a horse shirt! This shirt is very soft and light; it is perfect for riding. It has a hood and is long sleeved so its great for the winter. While it can be used for riding it can also be worn as lounge wear, comfy clothes, a light sweater, or just to run to the store. I can't wait to wear this so everyone knows I'm a horse lover!

  4. Kerrits kids jacket I really needed a proper riding jacket that would keep me warm but not sweaty. Up until now I have been using a lululemon jacket or a plaid shirt, and they don't hold up well with the dirt, mud, and any other things you can find on a horse. The lululemon jacket was light blue so some mud stains wouldn't come out and the plaid shirt was too light and didn't keep me warm. This Kerrits jacket will keep me toasty and will hold up to the things you can find at a stable. This will definitely come in handy.

  5. Western denim jacket with fur A lot of you probably don't know this show, but its called Yellowstone and my parents love it. My mom loves the clothes that the actors wear and she has been trying to update our closets with western wear 😂 so she bought me this jean jacket and I cant wait to wear it! It is so stylish and soft, perfect for heading to the barn or going to a restaurant. This makes me feel like a true cowgirl and not the city slicker that I was destined to be.

  6. Custom horse pj set Every true equestrian should have one pair of horse pjs so the horsey spirit can follow you in your sleep. I love these customized pj's with a picture of a girl kissing a horse (me and Krystal lol) and on top of that they have my name on it! This pajama set is very soft and the perfect weight. Although, these are so cute I'm almost afraid to wear them to bet ; I don't want to ruin them!

I hope you guys enjoyed this part one of what I got for my bday! If you have any questions on where I got the items feel free to contact me. Again, there is still some more stuff coming in so stay tuned for a pt. 2 next week! xx The Desert Rider

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