What I got for my bday| Pt 2

Hey guys! My part two of "what I got for my birthday" is here. If you don't know, my bday was last week. I got a lot of equestrian products and I am here to write a part two of what I got!

  1. Ice Fil Kerrits Breeches, beige I really needed a new pair of breeches and I'm happy I went with these. The beige Kerrits Ice Fil breeches fit me perfectly. The fabric is soft and stretchy and very durable. I love wearing these because they look professional but fun, and are perfect to wear when riding. I decided to get beige because it is a classic riding color and it works with any top.

  2. Ice Fil Kerrits Breeches, brown I loved the beige pair so much that I had to get another in brown! Like the first, the brown pair is comfortable and very durable. I prefer wearing this to the horse rescue or when I am volunteering because it hides dirt and dust well. The brown goes nicely with a gray or white shirt and looks great with everything.

So thats about it! I know this post was super short but I am happy that I got to share what I got with you guys. You were all super nice and kind for my bday and I am so blessed to be in the online equestrian world. I am going to make a 12 days of equine holiday challenge soon so stay tuned! xx The Desert Rider

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