When should you buy a horse?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

One of the most common questions in the equine life is "when is it reasonable to buy/lease a horse?" We all get those people that want a horse the first time they ride, but is it best? Horses require a lot of time and responsibility and you want to make sure your horse has the best life possible.


Buying a horse is a big deal. You can't just say, I want a horse and then go to a stable, pick out a horse you want, pay, and then automatically have one. No, you have to fill out a ton of forms and horses are very expensive. Even if you get $20 every week there is no way you will be able to buy a horse. If you ride 2-3 times a week for 1-2 years then if you would like to buy a horse it would be reasonable. You have experience with horses and you should have learned enough about them to be able to take care of one. If you ride 1 time a week then you may want to wait 2 years. Even if you think you are ready for one there are so many diseases horses can get. Plus you have to go to your stable to check on your horse every day, and you have to buy the food, and all the equipment which is also very expensive.


Even though you may want your own, think about your horse. Is what you have good enough for a horse? If you really cared about horses then you would think about the horse, like if you are the best owner for one. If you are constantly busy and don't ride very much them buying a horse would not be a very smart idea. You want the best for your horse and you want to have enough time to check on your horse.


The words "no" to buying a horse may seem like a stab in the back but you can still help out at stables. You don't need a horse, and you certainly don't have to stop riding because you don't have your own horse. Your stable has horses that you can ride and you can also volunteer there to help out. That way you are helping the stable and maybe your parents will see that you are responsible enough to have a horse.

Buying a horse is not a necesity. Don't get worked up if you can't have a horse, they are very expensive. Remember, you may want a horse but is it best for your horse? If there is someone with a lot of time and rides a lot buying a horse might be more reasonable for them. Buying a horse takes a lot of time and just because you can't have one now, doesn't mean you can't have on later.

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