Why do most horses die when they break a leg?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Whether you ride horses or not, most people know that horses have to be euthanized, or put down, if they break a leg. But why? Can't they get surgery? Keep on reading to find out.

Horses are very big animals. In order for them to be able to stand and carry their weight they depend on their 4 legs. If the horse were to break one of its legs then it would depend on the other 3, however a lot of times when the horse has to put even more weight on 3 legs than 4 they are more prone to getting laminitis, which can be fatal.

But why cant they get surgery? Some breaks cant be repaired and this is one of them. Living on three legs is so hard and painful for horses, and that's why most horse owners decide to put the horse down so it can rest in peace instead of having to suffer before dying.

This is the very sad part of owning a horse, especially if your horse is young. But there is no reason to not buy a horse, any horse would be great, even if only for a couple of months. Just be aware of your horse at all times and if they are signs of discomfort, swelling in the leg, or the bone seems to be coming out immediately call the vet. If you really want to you can try to heal the leg but it will be about a year or so before your horse can ride again, or even ride at all. Still, even doing this, there is a very small chance your horse will survive.

Many people love there horse and don't want them to suffer anymore so that's why they put them down. It doesn't mean your horse will break its leg, it just means that if your horse does break a leg that euthanasia might be the only option.

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