Why it is never too late to learn to ride

If you are a trainer, coach or run your own stable you will have heard of, "Am I too old to ride? Is it too late to learn to ride?" It is never to late to ride. Riding is one of those sports that anyone can become good at even if they start at a later age. Don't let pride stop you from doing something you want to. Here are 5 reasons why you really are never to old to pick up riding.

The more responsible and mature you are, the better you'll ride

If you cant take the blame for your actions, or you are constantly forgetting stuff that you are reminded to do repeatedly then riding isn't the sport for you. However, as an adult your brain has fully developed and you can remember instructions and carry them out as said. This will help you become a dedicated rider, and riding will be a lot easier for you.

You can take tips and use them

When you are young you may not take critics as helpful tips to make you a better rider. You may think your good enough, or that your doing what your coach is saying, or maybe even let your mind wander when your trainer is trying to show you something. As an adult you take tips and critics more into thought and try your best to make the change instead of just blowing it off or not doing what your supposed to do.

Your love for animals hasn't changed

If you are thinking about starting horseback riding then you must love horses. And if you love horses don't let age stop you. You never outgrow love for animals, so you never outgrow horseback riding. And you are never too old to give up your love for horses.

You know what your body can and can't do

Sometimes people want to ride but think they are too fragile for it, or that maybe they won survive a fall. But think about it, you control what you do. If you don't think that galloping or jumping would be safe for you, don't try it! You can still have fun and ride without going to the ER. While young riders may be more capable doing harder things what really matters is that you are having fun during your time on the saddle. And if you don't feel comfortable, just tell your coach or trainer you want to do something a little safer! I'm sure they will understand and go back to a walk or a trot.

"Age is only a number we count until we're old enough to know it doesn't count"- Katrina Mayer

No matter how old you are you still have the skills to become a good rider. If walking or trotting is good for you, and you enjoy it, hooray for you. Even though you may not be going 45 kilometers an hour, if your doing something that makes you happy then that's all that matters. And who knows, maybe soon be ready to go fast! But for now, all that matters is that your enjoying your time on the saddle.

All in all, you are never too old to ride. Whether that is walking around or galloping, horseback riding is a sport everyone can participate in. Don't let embarrassment stop you from doing something you love. xx The Desert Rider

This post was inspired by my mom. She happily got up on the saddle and really enjoyed her first lesson on horseback. I now have a new riding partner so yay!

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